June 13th, 2024

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The Most Important Week on the Trail Running Calendar?

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How Are We Preparing for Crewing Season?

The latest from Semi-Rad for UltraSignup News. Follow Brendan Leonard on Instagram.

Hot List: 2024 April – Pacific

Check out all the upcoming trail races and the ones that just opened their registration in the Pacific April Hot List.

UltraSignup Ambassador Club 2024!

The inaugural group is made up of runners from across the United States.

Marathons vs. Ultramarathons

Same, same, but different. Right? The latest from Semi-Rad for UltraSignup News. Follow Brendan Leonard on Instagram.

The Formation of The Trail Team

Andy Wacker saw a gap in professional development of trail runners and decided to quit waiting around for someone to fill it.

The Big Alta: Daybreak Racing and Freetrail’s Relationship Mullet 

Insights on the success and sustainability of trail racing from the inaugural Big Alta weekend

Mountain Mist Celebrates 30 Years

The South's annual ultrarunning celebration of community and camaraderie, with whatever the weather delivers


Reasons I will not win certain famous Ultra races this year

02.07.24: Get Ready for Black Canyon Ultras

Enjoy another new episode of The Trailhead Podcast with pro skier Drew Pertersen as he talks ultra running and mental health.

New Year, And?

A Semi-Rad original for UltraSignup News.

2023 Winners of the Keep Trail Running Weird Awards

Each year, UltraSignup closes out the year with Keep Trail Running Weird Awards. We consider the awards a ‘podium finish’ for the everyday runner, honoring the beautifully weird and free-spirited culture of the trail running community. Since 2021, we have recognized 5 winners nominated by the community and 5 winners based on crunching the numbers […]

The Best Recovery Tools for Trail Runners

Gadgets to help you rest easy and manage stress in between workouts.

Kick off the New Year – Events Opening Now

Below you will find a list of races that open their registration on or around January 1. Some of these events will sell out quickly, be prepared. Others offer the best possible pricing to early birds. Whichever camp your goal race falls into, be prepared, be patient, and don't be afraid of wait lists. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Facing the Unknown: Guidance for Negotiating the Hidden World of Athlete Contracts

The unknown can be torturous when it comes to athletes entering the sponsorship market with a vacuum of information.

2023 Moments in Photos with David Miller

Every run has a story to tell, and often the best way to tell it is without any words at all.

Keep Trail Running Weird Finalists

Get to know the top finalists in each category for the 2023 Awards. Cast your vote by January 5!

The Best Sustainable Trail-Running Gear for Every Season

Environmentally friendly picks to lighten your footprint when you take to the trails.

Why I Love Races

The latest humor by Semi-Rad for UltraSignup News.

2023 Keep Trail Running Weird Awards

We are excited to announce that the 2023 Keep Trail Running Weird Awards season is here!

The Heart of Mountain Marathon Queen Stevie Kremer

How one of the world’s most iconic sprint-to-stardom trail runners balances a life of extremes

2023 UltraSignup Staff Gear Favorites

Get to know a few of the UltraSignup staff, where they run, and the gear they've relied on this year for maximum fun and optimal race performance.

11.14.23: Trailhead: the new World Trail Majors

Registration season means big announcements, like yesterday's news of the new World Trail Majors. An international series that could be compared to the World Marathon Majors.

11.07.23 – Trailhead: Daylight Savings, Lucy’s Dad, Trailhead Pod

Get the weekend round-up, hear the latest from the Trailhead Podcast with Corrine and Buzz, and watch the new film by Dylan Harris.

The Making of “Lucy’s Dad”

A conversation with running filmmaker Dylan Harris about his experience making the film "Lucy's Dad."

10.31.2023 – World Records, Golden Tickets, and time to register

Happy Halloween! The trail community is buzzing with news, debate, and fun at Javelina Jundred. Plus dozens of races opening for 2024!

10.24.23 Trailhead: Javelina week & A Growing Sport

After a big weekend at Diagonale des Fous, Backyard Ultra World Championships, and the Golden Trail World Series final, gear up for Javelina Jundred!

My Momentum During an Ultramarathon

What can stop me, miles 0-31ish. What can stop me, mile 31 and beyond.

The Long Road to Running in a City

A few months ago, I found myself in a familiar place: back in my hometown’s running shop, struggling to decide what shoes to buy. I had narrowed it down to two—a newer model of the road shoes I had been running in for years, and a pair trail shoes, built for the trails I wanted […]

From the track to the mountains

Dan Curts on his path to mountain running and why he loves New England as a training ground.

Adventure as a Training Plan

A couple years ago, I signed up for three very different races within nine weeks of each other: The Rut 50K in Montana in September (a steep 31 miles with 10,500 feet of climbing, up to 11,000+ feet), the Mines of Spain 100K in Iowa in October (62 miles, 8,400 feet of climbing, much closer […]

Finding Community In Human-Powered Adventure

Lifelong athlete Brendan Madigan, Race Director and Founder of the Broken Arrow Sky Race, is deeply driven to provide value and connection to athletes and people in need.

9.12.23 – Semi-Rad and 100 milers

Trailhead: Semi-Rad interprets trail speak, 100 milers, and a new episode of the Trailhead pod UltraSignup Brendan Leonard, Semi-Rad, interprets trail speak in his latest for UltraSignup, then entertains us on the pod, plus a weekend of 100 milers. TOGETHER WITH    Happy Tuesday, runners! This time of year seems to be full of 100 mile […]