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The Best Recovery Tools for Trail Runners

Gadgets to help you rest easy and manage stress in between workouts.

Seven technical 14ers. One new FKT.

Michael Wirth establishes a new FKT on the rarely finished Elk Traverse

When did you start using poles?

We all remember our first race or favorite adventure, but what about the first time you added poles into the mix? Below, LEKI athlete Sabrina Stanley shares her story of when she started running and training with poles and why it has been a game changer for her. Have a story of your own? Share your […]

Fastest known gear

The trusted gear that FKT power-couple Jason Hardrath and Ashly Winchester have used to set 166 speed records.

Don’t get FOMO about the twinkle of carbon-fiber plates on the trails

While appreciating the technology and benefits, Brian Metzler says there's no reason to chase the carbon-fiber rainbow.

Kilian’s daring new NNormal

Brian Metzler delivers exclusive insights on the upcoming shoe and apparel brand.

Sustainability done right: Allbirds shoes

Through innovative techniques and collaboration, Allbirds is raising the bar in the running shoe industry.