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Shelby Farrell


Why I run:

For me running is a way to live my life to the fullest. Ultrarunning challenges my mind and body, and I feel most alive when these two things are working together. Every run gifts a magic key to unlock the next lesson and there is an endless meadow filled with future challenges to test that lesson. A new hill, trail, race, friend, location, distance. Running is pretty awesome, amirite?


My favorite place to run:

I have a bit of an obsession with the 68-mile long Backbone Trail through SoCal’s Santa Monica Mountains. With a mix of sunny fire roads, winding single track, and sweeping ocean views, the entire trail is straight out of a dream.


What I hope to convey through my content:

As the Sr. Content Marketing Manager for UltraSignup I aim to inspire individuals to play within our fabulous trail running community as much as possible. I encourage you to set wild goals, to push yourself, and possibly surprise yourself on your way to achieving them.


More about Shelby:

I was not always a runner– a sucker for a good turkey trot, I felt being able to run three miles was a fair test of fitness. After college I decided to kick it into another gear. With a new found focus on my personal health and wellness I trained for my first marathon– the Vermont City Marathon– in 2013. Finishing sub four hours, stronger than I ever expected, I became hooked on running, setting big goals, and chipping away at them day after day. Furthest distance to date is 290 miles. I like the long stuff. 😜

Waffles over pancakes.

Alien believer.

Oh, and I live in a van with my husband and two cats. 🚐🐈🐈‍⬛


You can find me on Instagram @shelbzzf or on my slightly neglected YouTube channel.

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