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2023 Winners of the Keep Trail Running Weird Awards

Each year, UltraSignup closes out the year with Keep Trail Running Weird Awards. We consider the awards a ‘podium finish’ for the everyday runner, honoring the beautifully weird and free-spirited culture of the trail running community. Since 2021, we have recognized 5 winners nominated by the community and 5 winners based on crunching the numbers […]

Kick off the New Year – Events Opening Now

Below you will find a list of races that open their registration on or around January 1. Some of these events will sell out quickly, be prepared. Others offer the best possible pricing to early birds. Whichever camp your goal race falls into, be prepared, be patient, and don't be afraid of wait lists. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Keep Trail Running Weird Finalists

Get to know the top finalists in each category for the 2023 Awards. Cast your vote by January 5!

2023 Keep Trail Running Weird Awards

We are excited to announce that the 2023 Keep Trail Running Weird Awards season is here!

The Heart of Mountain Marathon Queen Stevie Kremer

How one of the world’s most iconic sprint-to-stardom trail runners balances a life of extremes

The Making of “Lucy’s Dad”

A conversation with running filmmaker Dylan Harris about his experience making the film "Lucy's Dad."

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