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Ruby Wyles

Why I run
For so many reasons: to escape the hyper-connected digital world and be with nature; to challenge myself and explore my athletic potential; the many mental health and stress-relieving benefits I gain; to connect with community and find belonging with other likeminded runners; and so much more!

My favorite place or trail to run
The trails of the North Downs Way in the South of England where I first fell in love with running!

What I hope to convey with my writing
There is so much more to running than the physical act of putting one foot in front of another, and I hope to shed a light on the “why”: why we do what we do; what motivates us to keep challenging ourselves to do objectively hard, yet optional, things; and how, regardless of pace or experience or other demographic nuance, us runners are more similar than we are different and have so much to learn from one another.

More about Ruby
When not writing, I’m a runner and triathlete aspiring to compete at the elite level. I’m also a coach, proud science nerd, and advocate for athletes’ mental and physical health, who is most fulfilled by helping athletes overcome limiting beliefs with joy.

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