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Emily Halnon

Why I run

Because my happy place is on a trail, especially when I’ve got friends running with me and cheese pizza stuffed in my pack.

Because running fosters the very best conversations, sparks creativity, helps me deal with most every emotion, and gives me endless ways to grow – as an athlete and a human.

And because running is full of exciting ways to explore my limits – and to explore this beautiful Earth.

My favorite place to run

I’m a sucker for any trail that’s full of alpine lakes, snow-capped volcanos, and mountain goats. I also adore the backyard trails and hills in Eugene.

What I hope to convey with my writing

I hope my writing offers connection, comfort, and conversation kindling. I hope my stories make people think, and feel, and talk, and laugh, and cry, and get excited to explore more and more of this sport and everything it offers us. And I hope my stories empower people to be a little bolder, a little more courageous, and to have a lot of fun.

More about Emily

I’m a story collector and teller out of Eugene, Oregon. My most notable runs are setting the overall FKT on the Oregon PCT and completing the first(ish) known traverse of every Domino’s Pizza in Eugene city limits. My favorite color is neon and I’m a big fan of well-stocked chip aisles, women doing badass things, and juicy ridgeline trails.

I post many of my adventures and misadventures on Instagram and twitter at @emilysweats – as well as many photos of my mischievous pup Dilly Pickle Chip. You can read more of my writing through Trail Mix, my newsletter full of stories about life and running.


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