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Brian Metzler

Why I run

I run to feel free and get loose from the rigidity of everyday life. Trail running has long been part of the foundation of my physical, mental and emotional health and has helped me remain grounded amid the many challenges and ebbs and flows of life. Running on trails through nature — whether it’s a 30-minute easy jog or a 30-hour ultra-distance race — invigorates me like nothing else. That’s why I run trails.

My favorite trail to run

I have hundreds of favorite trails, but the one I have been running with the most consistency is Mesa Trail in Boulder. It’s flowy and fun, but challenging enough to require effort and numerous offshoots that can lead to bigger, more difficult adventures.

What I hope to convey with my writing

From the moment I took the role as the founding editor of Trail Runner magazine, my goal has been to share the joy, inspiration and life-changing vibe that I have so often experienced while trail running. It has introduced me to new people, taken me to amazing places around the world and has given me cues on how to approach other aspects of my life. Anyone can experience those things, no matter if they immerse in it once a week or as a way of life. That’s what I hope to share with my writing.

More about Brian

I relish my experiences running the CCC 100K, several Boston, New York and Chicago marathons, and completing Leadman and four Ironman triathlons, but I’m more about long adventure runs and running up to high mountain peaks with friends than I am about pinning on a bib and racing. I’ve worked hard to build a career in the publishing industry by telling stories and sharing experiences about the things I like to do most: trail running, mountain biking, cycling, triathlon, mountaineering and all forms of skiing.  In addition to being the founding editor of Trail Runner and Adventure Sports magazine, I’ve also worked and written for Running Times, Runner’s World, Competitor, Outside, Men’s Journal, Red Bulletin and authored several books, including “Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture and Cool of Running Shoes,” and “Trail Running Illustrated: The Art of Running Free,” (with co-author and friend Doug Mayer). Find more about me, my running and my work at

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