May 23rd, 2023

7 min read

5.23.23 – Cocodona, Altitude Training, and Livestreams

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Five Years a Trail Runner

An unlikely athlete finds his way to ultrarunning.

Season 2 Episode 10: Drop Bags, DNFs, and Barefoot Shoes on Techy Terrain

This week, we ask a tricky question: Who’s the most important runner in the sport? And we talk to Heather Balogh Rochfort about handling the highs and lows of ultrarunning.

By Invitation Only

First published in Like the Wind magazine issue #17.

Bulletproof Your Knees With Ben Patrick

The “Knees Over Toes Guy” has advice for trail and ultrarunners.

The Possibilities Are Endless in This Sport

Camille Herron on her 48-hour world record and her future in multi-day events.

What Are We Listening to While We Run?

Brendan Leonard at Semi-Rad on what listen to when we run.

More than Pacing

An Olympian discovers ultrarunning, and all its joys.

Hurt and Healing

Jess Mullen’s ultra journey to the 100-hundreds club.

The Definition of Endurance Insanity

If you are doing more than me, you must be out of your mind.

The Best of the Best Awards of 2022

A deep dive into the trail and ultrarunning awards.

How to Tame a Dragon

Exploring mental anguish at Italy's Tor Des Géants.

Hellah Sidibe Takes Flight

Hellah Sidibe left his MLS career to rediscover self-belief, consistency, and a mindset shift—to running every single day.

Keep Trail Running Weird Awards 2022

As we start a new year of running, let’s begin by celebrating our 2022 trail accomplishments.

The race to sustainability

In the most important race, trail running has a secret weapon — its runners.

A Crowdsourced Ode to the 50K

Thoughts from runners on why the just-more-than-a-marathon distance is so much fun.

Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide book review

Ultrarunner Buzz Burrell reviews Christopher McDougall's latest book.

The Ultimate Guide to Running 100K

If you’re going to run in the dark, let’s make it as fun as possible.

A tough race with a tougher message

Climate change is devastating Bhutan. Its King chose a trail race to demonstrate how.

Under the sign, all things are possible

An immigrant in South Central L.A. found ultras in his 40s. He won them in his 50s.

The need for Indigenous inclusion in ultrarunning

Connor Ryan shares how he connects with his culture while ultrarunning and advocates for more Native involvement in the sport.

The runner’s low

The emotional crash that can happen after a goal race – and what to do about it.

A summer in photos

The PatitucciPhoto team of Dan and Janine Patitucci with partner Kim Strom share their favorite summer 2022 photos.

Women Who FKT

A movement to encourage more women to set new speed-record benchmarks is spreading across the globe.

Sprinting down and flying above the world’s biggest mountains

Trail runner, filmmaker, sky diver, and dirt biker Allie Mac goes full throttle as a creator and athlete.

Love Finds You

Worn thin by the Italian Alps, Doug Mayer stumbles into something unexpected.

Rock hopping with Run the Whites

Creative athlete and gear guru Andrew Drummond helps athletes come together and explore the White Mountains year-round.