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May 17th, 2022

7 min read

The Art of Crewing

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Annihilate that course and obliterate your competition

Meg Mackenzie explores trail running's macho language problem.

Running like my mom, with courage and joy

Emily Halnon shares universal lessons learned from her mom, providing inspiration on how to run and live.

Sibling rivalry: multi-days and trail ultras

Is there a little tension between multi-days and trail ultras? Jared Beasley digs in to find out and, more importantly, to reveal common ground.

Trail running: it ain’t about bein’ fancy

Emily Halnon reminds us that, at its core, trail running is simply about playing in the dirt.

Kilian’s daring new NNormal

Brian Metzler delivers exclusive insights on the upcoming shoe and apparel brand.

Ultimate guide to 50 miler logistics

Running 50 miles is tough. Managing the logistics can feel even harder.

Sustainability done right: Allbirds shoes

Through innovative techniques and collaboration, Allbirds is raising the bar in the running shoe industry.

The Aid Station with Corrine Malcolm

A quick hit of the latest running science: hot baths as a training lever, heart rate variability, and breathing in air pollution.

Harvey Lewis on summer break

We check in with high school social studies teacher and top ultra runner, Harvey Lewis, on his summer racing plans.

Build a DIY Slam – Devon’s authentic path

Devon Yanko makes the case for listening to your gut, figuring out what excites you, and then running (fast) in that direction.