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Jenn H

Being on the trails is my happy place. Joy, ease, and creativity spills out of me when moving outside, as it does for so many of us trail runners. A Washington state native, I currently live in rural Alaska where the trailheads are never crowded, but often snow covered. It’s a new challenge I’m trying to roll with as I train for my next big event, the 2022 Hardrock 100. When not running or crafting new stories for UltraSignupNews – I’m a wife, mom of a teenager, a toddler, and a Weimaraner, a yoga teacher, and grad school student. It’s a blessed and full plate, and I’m so grateful to now be sharing this trail journey with each of you.

Recent posts by Jenn H

The Aid Station with Corrine Malcolm

A quick hit of the latest running science: perks of caffeinated gum, facts on running in the dark, and a helpful new performance podcast.

Build a DIY Slam – Devon’s authentic path

Devon Yanko makes the case for listening to your gut, figuring out what excites you, and then running (fast) in that direction.

Hello from Weekly News

A few thoughts on what we’re up to here at UltraSignupNews, our “why,” and what we’re hoping to achieve.

6.14.22 – The endurance dad dilemma

Balancing parenting and ultrarunning. Trail runners weigh in on how the sport has changed. Plus, Dad Jokes.

5.31.22 – A final hoorah at Western 

Sharing the little known story of the Dusty Corners aid station and Doug White who has tended it for 21 years.

5.24.22 – Carbon-fiber FOMO?

Carbon-fiber FOMO? UltraSignup 10 tips for healthy running View this email online. TOGETHER WITH    Good morning trail friends. This week, long time ultrarunners offer wisdom on how to “keep it real.” Renowned shoe-dog Brain Metzler provides reassurance that, while carbon-fiber plates are pretty awesome, they’ll likely not redefine your trail experience. Dean Karnazes suggests that, […]

4.04.22 – Behind the scenes

Hilary Matheson takes us on a stunning photographic journey to Thailand and Jared Beasley sits down with filmmaker Nick Danielson to learn what it takes to capture a blind runner attempting an epic challenge. Plus, running clothes inspired by NASA.

5.17.22 – The art of crewing

The Art of Crewing: David Laney walks through this not-so-straightforward task, offering solid advice for the inevitable curve balls. A “must-forward” to your crew.

5.10.22 – Do you run salty or sweet?

Meg Mackenzie dives into our use of macho language in trail running.

4.26.22 – Trails aren’t fancy

When did trail running get so fancy? And a visit to the Aid Station with Corrine Malcolm.

4.19.22 – Shoe made out of sugar?

In honor of Earth Day, Brian Metzler shares a sustainability success story. Plus, a check in with school teacher and ultra runner Harvey Lewis on his summer vacation plans.

4.12.22 – Exclusive Q&A with Kilian Jornet

An exclusive Q&A with Kilian Jornet on his journey leading to the NNormal launch. And Devon Yanko, fresh off her outright win at Umstead 100, makes the case for building a DIY slam.

3.21.22 – Trail buffet

Like a good buffet, we’ve got a little something for everyone this week. Hang out at the Aid Station, level up with Ryan Montgomery, and meet Noé Castañón, a Mexican-American trail runner changing lives on both sides of the border.

3.14.22 – Laz’s math problem

Still puzzling over the bizarre Barkley Marathons finale? In this edition, Laz Lake offers us yet another excruciating riddle. Finishers are not guaranteed.