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What Are Your 2023 Running Goals?

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January 12th, 2023

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What are your goals, adventures, and plans for 2023? Share with us by commenting below for a chance to win an Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest or Vesta 6.0

Need some inspiration? Members of Ultimate Direction’s athlete team have a big year ahead. Check out their goals!

It doesn’t always have to be about running a race, though; Jason Schlarb, Tara Warren, Ryan Montgomery, and Kriste Peoples aim to host and put those races on for runners like you!

Inspired yet? Share with us your 2023 goals in the comment section below and you could win a new Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest or Vesta 6.0!

78 thoughts on "What Are Your 2023 Running Goals?"

  1. alex says:

    Being the best crew for my friend who is running Cocodona 250!

  2. Kevin says:

    My wife and I run as a team and ran five races last year and that was too many. We are only running two races this year and aiming for a gentle spring 1/2 Marathon trail run, followed by our Sept GOAT Run 50K. My biggest goal is to add consistent strength training to my routine and stay healthy.

  3. Joyce McKinley says:

    My 2023 Running Goals are to run, at least, one 5K a month. Thanks to my Pain Management Dr. (Miller) at the Harry Truman VA Hosp in Columbia, MO, I was able to get back into running and ran my first 5K, Aug.2022, since being out of high school (1985). I might not be running the 7 min miles like in high school, but I AM running again!

  4. Elizabeth Perez says:

    Add More Speed training to my runs during the weekend.

  5. Nicolas says:

    My race schedule is as follows: Mar 18: Assault on Black Rock 7 Miles, Apr 22: The FireFly Trail 12hrs,
    Apr 29: Uwharrie Forest Gravel Grinder 29 Miles (gravel biking to try it out. more of an experiement!),
    Jun 03: Black Mountain Monster 24 hrs, June 21-25: Vermont Running Camp with the Catamount 50K on June 24, Aug 11: Baby Dragon 100M (this will be my first ever 100M), Oct 15: Black Mountain Ultra Traverse Unsupported 48M or Clawhammer Mountain 50k (depending on how I feel by then) and then closing the year with another 100M on Dec 09: Beast of the East 100M.
    For the fun of it, I may throw in the Bourbon Country Burn (Sept 29 to Oct 1st), a three-day, fully-supported bicycle tour of the bourbon distilleries and thoroughbred horse farms of Kentucky.

  6. Additionally to the loaded 2023 race schedule, everything is geared for my ultimate 2 goals: train and strengthen back up to be able to complete in 2024 Moab 240 (which I had to DNF in 2021 due to injury), and prepare for my ultimate dream race UTMB!

  7. Tammy Harrigan says:

    I am working on developing more continuity in my running and adding more strength training as well. I will be pacing my husband for 9 hours during the 24 hour Anchor Down Ultra in Bristol, RI this summer.

  8. Susan says:

    This year I would like to work on being faster. Signed up for Mickelson Marathon, Big Horn 32 (will have completed all 4 distances 100, 52, 32 and 18 miles after this year!!, Devils Backbone 50 and Big Foot 40.

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