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Season 3, Episode 13: Ryan Montgomery on Pride, Balance, and Western States, Plus Diana Fitzpatrick on WSER’s Evolution

July 9th, 2024

1 min read

Hosts Zoë Rom and Buzz Burrell discuss their connection to the Western States Endurance Run and why it’s a rising tide for trail running.

Zoë Rom talks to pro ultrarunner Ryan Montgomery about how he embodies pride all year long, and how his patient approach to training has paid off in his running career, and his hopes for Western States this year. Ryan also shares how the trail and ultra community can be more inclusive and welcoming.

Buzz Burrell interviews Diana Fitzpatrick, WSER’s Board President about how Western States has evolved over the years and how its leaders are preserving its essence. Buzz and Diana discuss how to make WSER more inclusive and welcoming and what this race means to the community.

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