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Season 2 Episode 8: Women Who FKT, Mandatory Gear, & leaping from 100K to 100 Miles

April 25th, 2023

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On this episode of The Trailhead, Corrine and Buzz dive into safety and mandatory gear lists. They may seem overwhelming, especially depending on the country you’re racing in, but will you ever regret following them? Then, Corrine talks to Jen Sotolongo and Marta Fisher about the Women Who FKT project, which has inspired and encouraged more runners to set out on their own fastest known time adventures. You can read Jen’s piece and some real FKT-er’s stories on UltraSignup News. Then, Buzz speaks to Jacob about an upcoming journey run that John Muir would be proud of, and to Laura about making the leap from 100K to 100M. The Trailhead Podcast is a production from UltraSignup News. This episode is presented by Sidas, your foot company. Use promo code “BOGOSOCKS” to get two pairs of running socks for the price of one at