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Jen Sotolongo

Why I run

I run because my friends in high school convinced me to join the cross country team. I came in last in nearly every race, yet here I am, still running over 20 years later, covering much longer distances. Now, I run because exploring the mountains and woods brings me joy and challenges me mentally and physically, unlike anything anything else in my life. Running is also my favorite way to spend time and bond with my dog, Sitka.

My favorite place to run

I have run in a lot of incredible places all over this world, but the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest will always be special to me. My absolute favorite time of year to run in the Cascades is during the fall, when the blueberry and huckleberry bushes paint the hillsides in rainbow hues.

What I hope to convey with my writing

I became a writer because I wanted to tell stories that mattered. I want to share the rad things people are doing that no one would otherwise hear. I want my words to encourage people to do the things they think they can’t do and to try things that terrify them.

More about Jen

I am the owner of Long Haul Trekkers, an adventure dog blog featuring tips for getting outdoors with your four-legged pal, a freelance writer, the author of The Essential Guide to Hiking with Dogs, and the owner and lead trainer of Libra Dog Training, based out of Portland, Oregon. My writing has been featured in the Seattle Times, Trail Runner, 1859 and 1889 Magazines, and National Geographic Adventure. I’ve lived on four different continents and spent two years bicycle touring with my dog across Europe and South America. I love whipping up delicious vegan eats for friends and showing people how to live their best lives with their dogs.

You can connect with me at my blog Long Haul Trekkers, follow me on Instagram, or inquire about dog training at

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