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Dean Karnazes

Why I run

I don’t own a car. Seriously, I don’t. But I enjoy running for other reasons, too.

My favorite place or trail to run

I’m 100% Greek and running in Greece is unsurpassed. There is a particular trail along the coastline in Messinia that is spellbinding. The rock is magnificant white marble and the sea is aquamarine. It passes by some ancient ruins and I’ve never seen another person along this trail. I think it’s mostly maintained by wild goats.

What I hope to convey with my writing

Being Greek, I come from a long lineage of storytellers (starting with Homer). I strive for my writing to be proposlive, to describe a scene so vividly that the reader has a verseral and affecting experience, one so engaging that they feel consumed by it. A common reaction I get from people reading my books is, “Wow! That wasn’t at all what I was expecting.” If I can provide the reader with a hardy dose of literary pleasure then I have succeeded.

More about Dean

My most recent book is titled, A Runner’s High. It’s available on Amazon and at most booksellers. If you want to learn about me, just Google Dean (someone said I’m the first Dean that pops up, which is ironic because Dean isn’t even my real name, it’s Constantine).

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