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The 2023 Tahoe 200 Endurance Run

A visual journey through the wilds of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Sarah Attar

July 31st, 2023

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The 2023 edition of Tahoe 200 covered an out-and-back course in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe. From the Heavenly Stagecoach Lodge, runners were challenged with a variety of terrain and altitudes, over a total elevation gain of 36,857 feet. Two hundred athletes lined up, and photographer Sarah Attar was there to capture the endurance feat. Below is a selection of her favorite images from the event.

Candice Burt, founder and owner of Destination Trail, gives a final pre-race briefing as runners line up to start their 200- mile journey.

After a record-breaking winter in the Sierra Nevada, runners cross through various summer snow fields throughout the course, which has a high point of 9,714 feet.

Claire Bannwarth was the overall winner of the 2023 Tahoe 200, making her the first woman to win the race outright.

With the date change this year, Tahoe 200 shared some days with a horse race that was also utilizing some of the Tahoe Rim Trail, creating a unique and different environment.

Sally McRae, also known as “YellowRunner,” runs her way into third place on the women’s podium. She’s taking on the Grand Slam of 200s this year, which includes Cocodona 250, Tahoe 200, Bigfoot 200, and Moab 240.

Jess Greene and Sam Bosworth catch the expansive views of Lake Tahoe and Marlette Lake at sunset.

As the sun sets over Lake Tahoe and Marlette Lake, runners pass through this expansive area and some take a pause to take it all in.

Sean Nakamura notably finished his 8th Tahoe 200, making him the runner to have completed the race every year it’s been held, all while maintaining his 12.5 year run streak.

Time to meet up with their crew and take a nap at the Tahoe City aid station. For races of this length, sleep strategies can be an important part of the race strategy.

Runners gain an incredible view of Lake Tahoe before descending down the powerline climb.

A runner cruises on some single track between the steep sections of the infamous powerline climb, which racer’s had to go both up and down during the event. This section gains (or drops depending on which way they’re going) over 1,200 feet in just under a mile.

The finish is filled with such a wide range of powerful emotions. Here, Thomas Watson shares an embrace with his loved ones after crossing the finish line. 

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