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Sarah Attar

Why I run

Running has always been about connection and exploration for me. Connection to people, place, and myself. Exploration of what I am capable of and of the world around me; what I can see by means of moving my own two feet. Running has brought me to some of the most epic experiences and places in my life, and connected me with incredible people. I am so grateful for this mode of engaging with the earth.

My favorite trail to run

Let me loose on any trails in the Eastern Sierra of California and I’m a happy camper. This area endlessly inspires and moves me like no other.

What I hope to convey with my writing

Through my writing and photography, I try to capture and convey what it feels like for me to be out in these spaces I am documenting. Initially I started out simply sharing where I was training when I lived and trained in Mammoth Lakes full time. I was so moved by it all that I had to try and capture what that felt like within my being, running through and experiencing those landscapes. That same motivation still plays out in my work. I am always so psyched and inspired to be out documenting these incredible events, people, and places, and I want to share that. I hope that people are able to feel a bit of what I feel in these spaces by engaging with my work.

More about Sarah

Sarah Attar is a photographer and athlete based in Southern California and the Eastern Sierra. She loves getting out into the mountains by means of trail running, backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, and skiing. You can find her blending these passions of photography and outdoor exploration by documenting the landscapes around her and the people that move through them. She also works as a running guide and photographer with Aspire Adventure Running. Notably, Sarah made history in the London 2012 Olympics as one of Saudi Arabia’s first-ever female athletes.

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