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Season 3 Episode 3: Mental Health and Ultras with Drew Petersen and KTRW Award Winners

February 12th, 2024

Less than 1 min read

Corrine and Buzz talk all about gear! What you need and what you can leave at home.

Corrine interviews professional skier and lifelong runner Drew Petersen. In the most human of ways, Drew shares how he rediscovered running in the wake of a serious accident and his journey with mental health. Together, Corrine and Drew explore the parallels between running ultras and getting through life’s hardest moments. Drew’s latest movie, Feel It All, comes out this spring.

Plus, Buzz talks to more of our #KeepTrailRunningWeird award winners including Amy McDowell (Best Race Fail), Chris Morrison (Best Pacer), Jeremy McCoubrey aka Chad Ultra (Favorite Trail Weirdo), Eric Durrett (Most Tenacious), and the one and only Andrew Glaze (Most Inspirational).