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Season 2 Episode 18: Walmsley & Dauwalter Rule UTMB, Semi-Rad and Baked Beans

September 22nd, 2023

Less than 1 min read

In this episode, Buzz and Corrine marvel over Jim Walmsley, Courtney Dauwalter, and Zach Miller’s performances at UTMB.

Then, Corrine talks with artist Brendan Leonard (often known as Semi-Rad) about his ultimate trail race. It includes Dropbag Jeff and all the French toast. You can see Brendan’s illustrations on UltraSignup.

Buzz chats with two callers. First, he speaks with Mark from Minnesota. They agree that baked beans are not ideal running fuel. Buzz makes the case for sugar.

Buzz and Laura from Portland talk about ultrarunning after cancer treatment.