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Hillary Allen and Brooks Running

Ben Yardley

May 8th, 2023

3 min read


An Interview with Trail Runner Hillary Allen: Training, Triumphs, and Trail Gear

Q: Hillary, thank you for joining us today. To start off, could you share with us how you typically train for your trail running competitions?

A: Absolutely, I’m glad to be here. My training regimen is quite structured because I believe consistency is key. Typically, I mix long runs, which help with endurance, with interval training that boosts my speed and recovery. Elevation plays a big role in trail running, so I incorporate a lot of vertical gain in my weekly routines. Nutrition and recovery are also integral parts of my training—ensuring I fuel my body appropriately and allow enough rest between intense sessions.

Q: Over the years, you’ve definitely fine-tuned your gear for races and training. Could you tell us about your essential trail running gear, including your choice in footwear?

A: Gear is crucial for trail running; it can really make or break your race. I always choose gear that enhances my performance while ensuring maximum comfort. For footwear, I swear by my Brooks Cascadia shoes. They provide the perfect balance of traction, cushion, and durability, which is essential for the diverse terrains I encounter. Apart from shoes, I use a lightweight hydration pack, which is vital for long runs, and I prefer moisture-wicking clothing to keep me dry and comfortable. For navigation and tracking, a reliable GPS watch is my go-to. All these pieces come together to support my performance out on the trails.

Q: Looking forward, what are your goals or aspirations in trail running? Are there specific races or challenges you’re aiming to tackle?

A: Looking ahead, I’m really focused on pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve, both in distance and technical difficulty. I aim to compete in some of the longer ultra-trail races around the world, like the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. Additionally, I’m passionate about encouraging more women to take up the sport, so a part of my future efforts will be dedicated to coaching and mentoring aspiring female trail runners. There’s so much potential in the community, and I want to help nurture that.

Q: That sounds inspiring and ambitious. Any final thoughts you’d like to share with our readers who might be interested in trail running?

A: Trail running is as much about exploring nature as it is about discovering your own strengths and limits. To anyone interested, I’d say start at your own pace, respect the trails, and embrace the journey. Every hill and every mile teaches you something new about yourself. It’s a beautiful sport with a supportive community behind it.

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