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Hello from Weekly News

Jenn Hughes

March 13th, 2022

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One of my favorite elements of a trail race is, as I’m plodding down the trail, focused on my own micro world of joys and concerns, I happen upon a fellow runner and spontaneously begin a conversation. It starts casually with a check-in on how the race is going, but often moves quickly to life stories and intimate sharing of experiences. No topic is off limits, yet like the undulating trail, the conversation remains buoyant, even hopeful. Strangers before the race, we quickly become fast friends in the nurturing bubble of a trail run.

Building on that connection is just one of the reasons that we at UltraSignup wanted to start the Weekly News as well as other community-connecting projects we hope to announce soon. Why let the positive energy of an in-person trail event disappear, when we could all be served by stoking that connection and support online?

Each Tuesday, we endeavor to deliver a news mix that adds independent, authentic value to the community and invites fresh voices and new perspectives into the conversation. Does the piece inspire, educate, entertain, or start a conversation? Does it promote meaningful exchanges within the trail community? These are a few of our key litmus tests in creating and curating content for UltraSignupNews. And, like the best trail run conversations, we seek to make everyone feel included and “in the know” as we encourage the trail running community to grow ever bigger and more welcoming to all.

Have a fun idea? A story pitch? Saw a mis-spelling or something that frustrated you? You can always reach out by simply replying to the email. I can’t promise how fast I will respond, but I can promise that I will read it and try to make good on your request. While the Weekly News is penned by me, it is written for you, for all of us. Let’s work together to support, connect, and grow this incredible trail community.

See you on the trails or in your in-box Tuesdays.

– Jenn Hughes, Managing Editor

23 thoughts on "Hello from Weekly News"

  1. Erika says:

    Love! Looking forward to every Tuesday! ????????

    1. Jenn Hughes says:

      Thanks Erika! That is so wonderful to hear. Any particular trail topic you’d like to see more of? Cheers, Jenn

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