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Hilary Matheson

Why I run

My mantra is simple. I run to see how far I can go. I started running ultramarathons almost a decade ago, mostly because I wanted to explore the limits of what was possible for me. I’m forever drawn to the feeling of “aliveness” that comes from pushing yourself to your absolute physical and mental limits, and the power that comes from approaching suffering with curiosity instead of fear.

My favorite place to run

My favorite run of all-time is the iconic Panorama Ridge trail, in Garibaldi Provincial Park. It’s a 17.5 mile out-and-back trail that culminates in a 360 degree view of the Kool-aid blue water of Garibaldi Lake, surrounded by snowcapped mountain peaks and glaciers in all directions. Pro tip: If you go in September, you can fuel your run with the endless wild alpine blueberries that line the trails.

What I hope to convey with my writing and photography

I’m fascinated by what drives us to seek out uncomfortable places. I try to capture that essence in a way that others can see it and be inspired to also step outside their comfort zones, in order to experience new things.

More about Hilary

I’m an award-winning photographer, graphic designer, writer, ultra runner, and general mountain enthusiast. When I’m not on a summit, you can find me at home in my backyard mountains in Squamish, BC. I’ve written for a number of prominent outdoor magazines, and in 2022 my photography and writing was featured in an internationally published book of trail running photo essays called Running Wild (where I also photographed the Italian book cover). Connect with Hilary on or @thehilaryann

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