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Barbara Kerkhof

Why I run

Running nourishes my body and soul, it’s a gift to myself. Sometimes it’s rainy, muddy, out of control—but mostly running brings me diamonds and pearls.

My favorite trail to run

I love mountain running, but since I live in the flattest country I can think of, I’d say Beekhuizen. It’s a forest nearby, people say it’s one of those ‘power places’ nature offers us. I can actually feel that, running between the tall pine trees and ferns (my favorite plant).

What I hope to convey with my writing

I hope my writing and photography inspires people to go out for a run, for an adventure—big or small. Also, I hope to keep developing myself in both directions and that will keep learning every single day.

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By Invitation Only

First published in Like the Wind magazine issue #17.