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Anneka Williams

Why I run

Running is my way to stay grounded, it’s my connection to the outdoors, it’s a space where I can test what I’m capable of, a place where I can process hard things, a state where I can be creative and curious. I run as a way to move through new places and seek out big adventures. Running is the place where I can be fully myself and fully present.

And I love that trail running is really just about playing outside. It’s hard to take yourself too seriously when you’re covered in dirt or have weird tan lines from your running vest or find yourself stuffing potato chips and candy into your mouth while shuffling along a trail in the middle of a long day out. Trail running reminds me to keep the balance of work and play, with a heavy emphasis on play.

My favorite trail to run

The Enchanted Forest – a section of trail in Waitsfield, Vermont near where I grew up. Towering spruce trees line a soft, pine-needle covered trail. Rays of sunlight slip through the canopy, highlighting mossy or snowy slopes. In every season, this trail is a truly magical place to be.

What I hope to convey with my writing

As Annie Dillard reminds us, “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” I write to try and uncover the beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring, enigmatic, and quirky stories hidden in our everyday lives.

More about Anneka

I’m a strong proponent of second breakfast, getting up early to watch the sunrise, Stephen King novels, type two fun, and wood-fired saunas. As a writer, climate scientist, and lover of the outdoors, I feel lucky to have spent stints living on four different continents where I’ve had a lot of wacky experiences and met amazing, diverse people. When I’m not trail running, I love getting up early to read while I drink coffee (ideally outside, as the sun rises), rock climbing, backcountry skiing, the New York Times daily crossword, gardening, the color yellow, woodworking, and asking lots of questions.

Instagram: @annekawilliams

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