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Anastasia Wilde

Why I run

Running makes me feel strong and capable. I love moving through the mountains and getting to experience different places on foot. Trail running has introduced me to the most amazing community of kind, compassionate, and beautiful people and I’m inspired to push my own physical boundaries because of them.

My favorite trail to run

My favorite place to run is on any trail in Missoula. It’s such a gift to be able to step outside of my door and within a few miles get to some trails. The Sound of Music trail in the North Hills is one of the most beautiful places when it’s filled with Arrowleaf Balsamroot in May and June.

What I hope to convey with my photography

Through photography and writing I hope to convey to the general public what it feels like to run some of these ultra races, and to the runners themselves, I hope it brings them right back to the adventures they’ve had on the trail. I also aim to peel back an extra layer of simply documenting, to dig a little deeper and uncover more of the real emotion and trials of each runner.

More about Anastasia

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