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If Foot Races Were Big Gulps

In Brendan Leonard's latest for UltraSignup News, the man known as Semi-Rad compares race distances to sugary convenience store drinks.

How Are We Preparing for Crewing Season?

The latest from Semi-Rad for UltraSignup News. Follow Brendan Leonard on Instagram.

Marathons vs. Ultramarathons

Same, same, but different. Right? The latest from Semi-Rad for UltraSignup News. Follow Brendan Leonard on Instagram.


Reasons I will not win certain famous Ultra races this year

New Year, And?

A Semi-Rad original for UltraSignup News.

Why I Love Races

The latest humor by Semi-Rad for UltraSignup News.

My Momentum During an Ultramarathon

What can stop me, miles 0-31ish. What can stop me, mile 31 and beyond.

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