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Season 3, Episode 7: The Most Epic Barkley yet? and Adaptive Running with Zach Friedley

April 3rd, 2024

1 min read

Buzz and Corrine talk about what we are all talking about, Jasmin Paris’s epic finish at this year’s Barkley Marathon, a record 5 finishers, and the lore of Barkley.

In an interview with Born to Adapt trail race founder, Zach Friedley, Corrine gets good advice, race directors should reach out to adaptive runners, have plans in place to accommodate them. Don’t wait for them to be interested, encourage it. Athletes are ready to run. Zach also shares some insight into his work with the Range of Motion Project (ROMP), a non-profit providing high-quality prosthetic care to those in need around the world. Follow Zach @zachary_movement, his races at @borntoadapt and Romp at @rompglobal.

Buzz and Donna consider starting a to petition for age groups in FKTs. Brian asks Buzz about the train low/sleep high concept. If you live at and train at elevation, is there any benefit to coming down the mountain for speedwork?

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