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Season 2 Episode 3: Pro Runners Unite, Andrew Drummond, and KTRW Award Winners.

February 28th, 2023

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This week, Buzz and Corrine talk about the Pro Trail Runners Association (PTRA), a non-profit based in Switzerland that Corrine help found.

Corrine interviews Andrew Drummond, from Run the Whites, about our UltraSignup News article “Rock hopping with Run the Whites,” and his ultra-journey from helping Scott Jurek set an FKT to putting the White Mountains back on the map.

Buzz then talks to two of our Keep Trail Running Weird award winners: Mike Melton who won the Most Tenacious and Jen Golbeck who has inspired thousands to start running (at any pace) and won our Most Inspirational. She even inspires Buzz along the way! You can find Jen on Instagram at Jen Runs With Dogs.

The Trailhead is a production from UltraSignUp. This episode is presented by Ultimate Direction. Use promo code “Trailhead25” for 25% off Ultimate Direction.