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Megan Michelson

Why I run

I run to clear my head of the chatter and to be alone (or with friends!) in wild spaces. I run because I love the feelings during a run, when you’re free and focused and climbing up a relentless mountain, but mostly for the feelings afterward, when I’m utterly at peace and can channel that good energy to the people and projects facing me in the rest of my day.

My favorite trail to run

I live in North Tahoe Lake, California, and I can access sections of the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail right from my front door. (And yes, I’m very grateful for that.) I love running the Tahoe Rim Trail through Paige Meadows in the early summer, with wildflowers everywhere, and the section of the TRT up and over Glass Mountain, which has incredible views of Lake Tahoe.

What I hope to convey with my writing

I write for many of the same reasons that I run. It gives me a sense of freedom and belonging and because when I get in the zone — whether that be running or writing — everything comes easily. I hope to connect with people through my writing — to make them stop and think, or inspire or entertain. I write because I love bringing other people’s stories to life.

More about Megan

Megan Michelson is a freelance journalist based in Tahoe City, California. She’s a regular contributor to Outside, Backcountry, REI, Ski, and the San Francisco Chronicle’s travel section. A runner since high school, she ran her first ultramarathon just a couple of years ago. You can find her work on her website, and for now, follow her on Instagram.

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