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Season 2 Episode 13: Courtney’s Run for Office, Salt, and Rattlesnakes

UltraSignup News

July 5th, 2023

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“Courtney wasn’t running out of her mind,” said Corrine in this week’s episode, “but her running was making us lose our minds.” 

This week, Buzz and Corrine talk Western States 2023, and contextualize Courtney Dauwalter rewriting the record books. 

“You’re my hero,” Jeff Colt told her, “Run for office.”

Then, Corrine interviews USN writer Heather Balogh Rochfort about her article, “Managing taper madness,” on how to stay sane in the days leading up to your big race. “Have a backup plan for your backup plan for your backup plan,” she says.  

And Buzz answers questions about salt pills and running in rattlesnake country.

The Trailhead Podcast is a production from UltraSignup News. This episode is presented by Ultimate Direction. Use promo code “Trailhead25” for 25% off at Ultimate Direction.

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