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Season 2 Episode 9: Livestreams, Running with Dogs, and Birthday Run Projects

May 10th, 2023

Less than 1 min read

Race season is here! And with live events, comes live streaming. Corrine and Buzz go over the latest news in livestreams from UTMB, Golden Trail Series, and UltraSignup’s very own foray.

Then, Jen Sotolongo is back, talking to Corrine about the best practices for running with your dog. You can read more tips from Jen on UltraSignup News.

Later, Buzz interviews two callers, and gives some insight into training for a birthday run project and how much focus to give certain data points.

The Trailhead Podcast is a production from UltraSignup News. This episode is presented by Ultimate Direction. Use promo code “Trailhead25” for 25% off at Ultimate Direction.