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Kate Carter

Why I run

I think I’ve got to the stage where the question is “why wouldn’t I run?” The absolute joy of moving fast β€” fast being relative, of course β€” through the landscape. The way that a run makes everything better. The fact that no matter how grumpy and lacking in motivation I feel before a run, I never, ever regret it afterwards. The clarity it brings to everything, whether that’s just cutting through the hazy fog of tiredness or solving a tricky dilemma. Running is magic.

My favorite trail to run

I live near Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park so am blessed with miles of trails, despite being in busy London. I actually really like unexpected trails best β€” the ones that take you out of an urban environment, where you pop out quite suddenly into somewhere that feels much wilder. I like that sense of having travelled. I’ve run in some stunningly beautiful places but somehow getting off a plane and running in the mountains never feels quite real to me. It’s too much like being on a movie set sometimes to take in!

What I hope to convey with my writing

I just like to tell a good story. If that communicates, too, some of my own love of running, then that is an extra bonus.

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